AnchorsSecure Anchor Truck Anchors Secure Anchor Truck:
Anchor truck fully equipped with 10″ anchor auger, 30″ auger, anchors, tester, water system, etc. truck can be equipped with an array of rock augers from 4.5 inches to 30 inches.

Anchors truck with auger boom means one truck taking only one trip to a location, saving on unnecessary mileage.


Anchors Secure "Hard to Reach Places"Auger Boomed Out in process of drilling 10 inch hole for the anchor. The tester is ready to be placed over the anchor as soon as anchor is set. The blue chart redorder and the hydraulic pull cylinder are calibrated for 23,500 psi exactly. The cylinder can actually pull up to 50,0000 psi. The entire set up is very fast and done all in a nice fluid motion then secured back in the truck or simply picked up and placed over the next anchor spot.